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Welcome to our Web Site! We are dealers in vintage 78 rpm records, sheet music and antique phonographs. Our goal is to offer a wide selection of quality phonographs, records, sheet music and related accessories to collectors worldwide. We publish frequent mail auction lists of early 78's, cylinders, and other collectable records. In addition, we have a retail location in the Sacramento, California area. Please scroll down to look over our list of services. For more details, click on any that may interest you.

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We Offer
Record Mail Auctions We regularly offer a wide selection of historical, personality, jazz, dance band, ragtime, country, classical, ethnic, and many other collectable 78 rpm records from 1900 to 1950. We also have cylinders and Edison discs. Click Here to see the catalog for the latest auction.Click here for a printable bidsheet to bid on the auction.

Email Bid Sheet Click on this page to use our new email bid sheet to submit bids on our record mail auctions. Try it out - it's very easy, quick and foolproof, and you will receive a reply acknowledging the receipt of your bids. Click here to access this new feature.
eBay Auctions Click on this page to see what we currently have listed on eBay. You'll find rare and unusual cylinders and 78s, vintage sheet music, phonograph parts and accessories, paper and advertising items and much more. Click here for a printable copy of our upcoming eBay listings.
Record Supplies New heavy duty jackets and poly sleeves for 10" and 12" records, used record storage albums, sheet music covers, strobe discs and needles for wind-up phonographs.
Records For Sale You'll find a variety of 78s, 45s and LPs in our retail location, with many at bargain prices. Inventory is continually changing as new records are frequently added. Sorry, no lists available.
Phonographs for Sale A current listing of wind-up phonographs and music boxes offered for sale is featured on this page. Most machines are restored to good playing condition, but be sure to check our "Bargain Basement" for project and parts phonographs.This page updated on November 4, 2013
Phonograph Repair Soundbox (reproducer) repair for most types of wind-up phonographs at reasonable prices. Service by mail or appointment only; all repairs are guaranteed.
Sheet Music for Sale A good selection of standard popular tunes from 1900 to 1950 is available at our retail location. The more collectable pieces can be found on our record auctions.
Professional Appraisals Written appraisals for tax, insurance or estate purposes on collections of 78 rpm records, phonographs, and related items. Over 30 years of appraisal experience, references upon request.
Retail Location We have a booth stocked with records and sheet musicin one of the largest antique malls in the Sacramento, California area. The mall is open daily and features an excellent selection of general antiques.
Additional Information
What's New? Click on this page to see items on our current auction, previews of coming attractions and shows, or other interesting things we may have to share. This page updated on December 27, 2014.
FAQ If this is your first visit to our Website, click on this page for answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Then, explore a little more and contact us if you have any questions.
What Do We Buy? We are looking for collectable 78's, sheet music, phonographs, and related material. Do you have something that might be interesting? Click on this page for further information.
Unsolicited Testimonials Take a look as what our customers have to say.
Behind the Scenes Personal photos and ramblings - just for fun.
Links to Other Sites Lots more information is available on the subject of antique phonographs and records. Check out some of our favorite sites. This page updated on June 11, 2013.

Please contact us if we can help you with any part of this fascinating hobby. You can reach us at:

Mailing Address:
Hawthorn's Antique Audio
244 Folsom Road
Roseville, CA 95678 USA

(916) 773-4727
(10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday)

(916) 773-4727
(24 hours, every day)

Click here to e-mail us.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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