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SWISS STEEL PHONOGRAPH NEEDLES, loud or soft tone. For Victrolas and other hand wound phonographs except Edisons and some Pathe models.
50 needles per pack - $4.00 (shipping - free)

STROBE DISC FOR 78 AND 80 RPM, for proper speed adjustment of all hand wound disc phonographs, including the Edison models. Works with any flourscent light on 60 cycles, instructions included.
$4.00 each (shipping - free)

78 RPM RECORD SLEEVES, 10-inch size only. These are large enough to fit Edison and other slightly oversize discs. Heavy 28 lb. gold kraft paper, inside seams.
10-inch: pack of 25 - $7.00 (shipping - $6.00*)
10-inch: pack of 100 - $25.00 (shipping - $12.00*)

78 RPM STORAGE ALBUMS, used, various colors and styles. Ten or twelve pages each, some may have writing or stickers from the previous owner on the index or spine.
10-inch album: $5.00 (shipping - $8.00*)
Five 10-inch albums: $20.00 (shipping - $20.00*)
12-inch album: $5.00 (shipping $10.00*)
Five 12-inch albums: $20.00 (shipping $25.00*)

CLEAR PLASTIC ALBUM COVERS, 3-mil polyethelyne. Can be used for regular LP albums or 78 rpm album set cover protectors.
10-inch: pack of 25 - $7.00 (shipping - $6.00*)
12-inch: pack of 25 - $8.00 (shipping - $7.00*

CLEAR PLASTIC SHEET MUSIC COVERS, 3-mil polyethylene. Small size is 9-3/8" x 12-1/4", large size is 10-7/8" x 14-1/4". With flap.
Small size (9" x 12"): pack of 25 - $7.00 (shipping - $6.00*)
Large size (11" x 14"): pack of 25 - $8.00 (shipping - $7.00*)

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